Services Provided

I offer individual therapy in a safe and supportive environment. My approach is mindfulness-based, and includes elements of other approaches depending on each client’s individual needs and interests. This may include insight-oriented work to help clarify the ways in which past experiences continue to influence life in the present, and cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques to develop more effective strategies for coping with stress and managing anxiety.

Mindfulness is about bringing attention to one's present experience with openness and compassion. It allows us to develop a greater understanding of our own experience--our needs, feelings, and thoughts. Mindfulness also allows us to develop a greater capacity to sit with difficult emotions as they come and go, and to make healthier, more satisfying choices.

Areas of specialization include:

- Depression and Anxiety

- Psychological trauma

- Stress Management

- Self-esteem issues

  1. -The use of meditation and yoga practices to foster emotional wellbeing


I also offer coaching to help clients explore and achieve a variety of personal and professional goals.

Ken Miller, PhD
Psychologist & Yoga Teacher