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Ken Miller, PhD
Psychologist & Yoga Teacher


Mindfulness, Emotional Wellbeing, and Psychotherapy

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, by Sharon Begley

Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach

Taming your Gremlin, by Rick Carson

Yoga for Emotional Balance, by Bo Forbes

Destructive Emotions, by The Dalai Lama and Daniel Goleman

Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Path with Heart, by Jack Kornfield

Internal Family Systems Therapy, by Richard Schwartz

The Mindfulness Solution, by Ron Siegel

The Mindful Way Through Depression, by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, & Jon Kabat-Zinn


Love is Never Enough, by Aaron beck

The Dance of Anger and The Dance of Intimacy, both by Harriet Goldhor-Lerner

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, By John Gottman

Mating in Captivity, by Esther Perel


Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga, by Dave Emerson

Treating the Trauma of Rape, by Edna Foa and Barbare Rothbaum

Trauma and Recovery, by Judith Herman

Too Scared to Cry: Psychic Trauma in Childhood, by Lenore Terr

Traumatic Stress, edited by Bessel van der Kolk, Alexander McFarlane, & Lars Weisbaeth