People come to therapy to work on a variety of issues, and towards a variety of goals. Common concerns include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma (old experiences from childhood as well as more recent events), and relationship difficulties.

At the most basic level, everyone wants to feel well, to enjoy life, and to be able to cope effectively with the difficulties that come with being alive. Therapy can be a helpful process for achieving greater ease, confidence, and satisfaction in our lives. For people struggling with the painful challenges of depression, anxiety, or trauma, therapy can be a wonderful path to healing, leading to a better mood, a calmer inner world, and a release from post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Coaching differs from therapy in various ways. Most importantly, coaching focuses less on resolving emotional difficulties, and more on helping people attain specific life goals: satisfying relationships, meaningful work, and a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and contentment in life.

common issues and goals in Therapy and Coaching

Ken Miller, PhD
Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Teacher